With 12 years of experience, our team has grown up into a

professional, mature, united team, and more and more open- minded young

people join our family, work together to make the world better.

Total number of employees: 71

1.Designer Team: 3 senior engineers with 11 years experience, 6 engineers

with 4-7 years experience,withCAD/CAM Unigraphics 4.0-8.0, Proe3.0-5.0  and MasterCam and Solidwork, AutoCAD 2004-2008

2.Project Team: 3 Engineers

3.CNC Team: 4 programers , 8 operators

4.EDM Team: 8 operators

5.Milling Team: 4 operators

6.Polish Team: 4 Polisher

7.Assemble Team: 17 Fitters

8.Mold Trial Team and Measurement Team: 7 workers

9.Financial and Administration Team: 7 workers

Car Parts
Office Supplies
Industrial Industrial Control
Household Appliances Series
Plastic Gear
Zinc Aluminum Alloy & BMC

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    1st Floor, Building A, No. 158, Industrial Avenue, Tongfuyu Industrial Park, Tangxiayong Community, Yanluo Street, Songgang, Baoan District, Shenzhen

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